Attacking Attack Ads

I have to admit, when I turned on my computer, and clicked on my TV turner and was greeted by this really weird political add this morning, I was shocked. But is it really a political ad, or just a political ad to get us talking before the writ is really dropped?

Sure, the Green Party’s ad is a different take on an old idea, but it is clever. I mean it conveys the Green Party’s existence. It got them some prime ad time, with a couple of spots on the evening news shows. It combined all the other parties into one lump, shinning the same light on them as shameful, by using their attack ads on each other. And it makes the Green Party look, morally higher. But was this ad really a change?

I for one am sick and tired of seeing these ads mixed in with rest of the marketing garbage we call television commercials. I hate commercials, period, and like everyone else, I do not want to be disturbed when I turn on my monitor, especially when absorbed in the program that I am watching. I even go so far as to edit them out when I prerecord programs on my PVR. I usually spend an hour chopping out the ads for a whole weeks worth of programming and then store them on my hard drive for future viewing.

My friends laughed at me when I tell them that attack ads really work. There are numerous case studies and a few really good authors who wrote on this subject, but my friends just seem to think that they are far more intelligent to be persuaded by the ads anyway. However, when one friend in particular talked about voting and the political landscape, they are, whether they realise it or not, victims of these ads. For example, one of my friends told me that he would not vote for a certain politician because an attack ad said that this particular politician spent most of his time living outside of Canada. That mattered to my friend. My friend would not believe me when I told him that that ad was not true and that it was factious. But hey, when you are beamed with the same messages countless times per day, the truth is almost unobtainable and hard to be believed. The attack ads worked.

So a hardy hi-dee-hoo to the Green Party ad, and may it happily get skipped over on the millions of PVRs across this great land of ours.


2 Thoughts on “Attacking Attack Ads

  1. I heard about this ad… it’s not half bad. Only, I think I’d need to do a LOT more than change the channel to be satisfied with the political landscape in this country. 🙂

  2. As the Alice Cooper song, “Aspirin Damage,” from the album, “Flush the Fashion,” goes: “I don’t change the channels, so they must change me…” I think that applies here. LOL

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