Frustration: Cold Cuts and Mysteryville

I have been going like mad, jumping through hoops, and bending myself, to fit the needs of others in the world of my new career path. At 1:00pm today that little world suddenly closed up, and within the time it took to press the Enter key, that door shut. I had been working on some contract work within the scope of setting up a project in the form of rehabilitation programs for inmates who would seek special permission to enter this project, and we would offer counselling.

Just a note here: I have to be vague about this contract becuase of the nature of its content. I know it sounds like I am talking in riddles and circles, but I have to. The goals are still the same and direction is still moving forward, but competition is huge, and I will not let the team down. Plus, I need to start making some serious money here!

Like all efforts through government and private venture, the money holder want guarantees, fitting their ideology and needs, and yet the flexibility to meet the market demands. Cost seems to be the sticking point. And oddly enough, it was not the high or low end of the money scale that was the issue, it was the “happy” scale that seemed to matter. Let me clarify some more here. You have to spend the prescribe amount of money to make the world of the bureaucratic agency happy. Due to some weird rule in the accounting department, there is a scale that is posted, and everything must fit nicely into that. The only problem is that they do not share that information.

So, if we were to volunteer our services, then the bureaucratic agency would not have the effective control that they desire, as part of that check and balance issue that gets tossed around many times over. So spending the money means having some sort of leverage over the third party, or group in lieu of services. If you ask for too much money in your budget, then you are simply over priced and no longer fit the mandate of that agency. So where is the middle, happy, ground?

Well, I have not found it—yet.

So, I am frustrated at this point in time. Myself, and the rest of my team have decided not to wait out the  April 15th deadline and have already started onto other projects. We have also put the word to our other colleagues as to our dismal performance with this project, and have posted numerous warnings and questions on the forum website that we use.  I read the forum too, and have seen other patterns, with other groups, who have gone through similar problems that we have experienced.

I may have to consider relocating to another province if I am to continue with on my career path. British Columbia seems to be over saturated, and lowering its standards based on the facts and figures that I have right now. If too many practitioners are released into the workforce, then their value drops, but if they all relocate, then the talent drains away from the source into other markets, and market place stagnates.

Sustainability on my part is my immediate concern, as somewhere in there I need to make a living too.

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