Forward or Rewind?

I am really happy that this winter is almost over. Officially, in less than a week, the spring season will start and hopefully it will start with a vengeance and give us some super warm weather. Lately our weather has being fine, as in, it had not dropped below freezing in the last couple of weeks, but it has been cool too. So it will be nice to get out of that cold, wet, dark phase of our seasonal cycles and move into some nicer days.

Yes, I am looking forward, waiting, and hoping that on March 20, 2011 at 4:21 pm PDT, the weather will suddenly change.

The rest of my expectations are slow in coming.  I still have five weeks to go with the new imposed extension on my contract. This means five more weeks of wondering what to do in the meantime. Like everyone else, money is getting tight. I think because the whole economy is reacting to every little thing because of the last meltdown, people are extremely twitchy about their security, i.e., money, income, pay, bread, clams, mullah, etc… . Two of my colleges have already pulled out, and I am not far behind. Waiting, while living on a reduced income is difficult, and it reminds my of playing poker, except your hand is the ability to live while you switch careers. I am hopeful that things will get back on the right tack, and I can start to move forward.

Well, it is late now. Time to end this post.

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