More Programing Work – Yay.

As luck would have it, I needed more money, as if none of us do, and there in a text message plea for help, from a friend, came an offer for a small job. An offer popped up that sort of landed on his lap, and then he slid it over to me. I said yes. A company in the lower mainland (Vancouver, BC) needed a whole pile of web development work done on their sites. They have their own servers, and tons of clients, but not enough specialised staff to keep up with the demand and workload.  I guess lately they had gone through a substantial increase in business when they took over some foreign contracts, and then found themselves short handed.

I had a good talk with the company owner. He told me that it was actually finding the qualified talent that is hurting him. He had several hundred applications, but the manager learned through some rough experiences with former workers that people often over qualify themselves, so he now checks everyone’s credentials. He told me that roughly, off the top of his head, that at least a quarter of all his applicants lied on their qualifications when they submit their resumes. I thought this was a very interesting bit of news.

So, for a small fee, I created some XML code for their favourite piece of graphics software to make fancy widgets that they can customise. They wanted a dedicated button program that they could use for one of their clients, a school. The goal was to create buttons that could have text customised, change colour and logos easily, and have it uploaded to this website with a press of the Enter button. In less than an evening I had three different prototypes that they could test. They liked two out of the three, so the deal was made. And did I mention that was for Linux applications?

The great news is, there could be more opportunities later on down the road.

I bet you are asking why I did not get a job with them?

They were sufficient with their IT department and had no software/programmers staff vacancies. None of the other positions I qualified for, or would want. But I am sure they will keep in touch with me. They like my work, service and price.

One Thought on “More Programing Work – Yay.

  1. Yay, I am so glad and not surprised. You have been helping so many of us for so long (feeling lots of guilt coming up) which should have made you a millionaire by now.
    I don’t really refer to you by name you know. I always say, “my computer geek angel friend.”
    Everybody knows who I mean.
    You’ll never go hungry, I’ll always feed you.
    Thanks Tom. I’m rootin’ for you.

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