Election Fever in Canada?

For a guy who likes telling Canadians that he does not want one, our Prime Minister is sure pulling out all the stops to create one. Now that he has proven that his government has misled his people, and will continue to mislead, his confidence has hit the floor with many people that I know of, including myself. Hey, turn on the television and watch the political ads from all parties.

I am not too particular about having to listen to the election commercials and fake promises that each party will spew out if an election is called. I guess it is a necessary evil for a democracy to work and function, but I do believe that this government has worn its welcome and Canada needs to move forward. Deep down inside I want change. I believe Canada needs change, but I want change that I can trust.

My problem is that none of the parties could possibly produce the magic pill that will fix the country overnight. Of course, I know that this is not possible, fixing the country overnight, but I am sure those claims will be made that will say that we will be in worse trouble if we elect the wrong government. Each party seems to tout itself as the government in waiting to rescue us from damnation.

I do not agree with most of what this government has done. The best example I can think of are the several Crime Bills that are before the House of Commons. Here, Canadians wanted tough on crime legislation because everyone believes that crime has gotten out of control. Many people believe that criminals have more rights than they do, the victim. The mandate of this government has been to play on that fear, and play the “crime card,” as some call it. So voters said, enough is enough and voted accordingly. Sadly, what these voters wanted too was a responsible government who was also going to lower their taxes and pave the road to economic prosperity. What the government has not told the voters outright is that tough on crime legislation is very expensive, and yes, your taxes are going to increase to pay for it.

I do not see the public as embracing as they aught to be when it comes to voting. I know that voter apathy will be high, and voter turnout will be low. This is the state that we live in to day. As much as I want people to go out and vote, I also understand the unwillingness to do so. But, like it or not, I believe in the democratic process, and I am damn thankful that I live in one as opposed to what else is available around the world. So I will go out vote because that is the right thing to do.

Will I be happy?

Well, that remains to be seen. Maybe the spring election will inject some life into this dismal economic climate that we are in right now?

One Thought on “Election Fever in Canada?

  1. Whether they are left or right wing, they are all the same. They take their orders from the elite (the banksters and the ultra-rich). I’ve voted in the past, but am fed up with so many elections. I’m seriously thinking of not voting at all. Maybe if very few people vote, someone will get the message that we don’t want all these meaningless elections.

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