From Supermoon, to Spring

Today, starting at 4:21pm, spring will start. I cannot tell you how much I have waited for this day to finally arrive. I am tired the of the cold days that have dragged out through the winter period. All of this had been compounded with not having to worry about the rigours of classes, so there is this huge empty space in my daily routines, and it leaves me wondering if I am not doing enough these days to keep busy?

Well, hopefully, with the onset of longer days and warmer nights this will all change.

The so called supermoon appeared last night. I bet you are wondering what is so special about the Moon, of all nights, that we gave it such a name this time?

The Moon orbits and rotates around us, the Earth, once a month, and that orbit is elliptical. Its rotation is once a month. During this orbit the distance between us and it varies. What made last night’s Moon so special was that not only was it “Full,” but it was also at its closet point to us in its monthly cycle. And being so close, the Moon appears to be proximately ten/fourteen percent bigger in the sky than usual, giving it the name, “supermoon.”  These events happen about once every two decades. Other than that, it is just a regular full Moon. The next one is in Eighteen year from now.

I did take some video of the moon with my digital video recorder with a 400mm telephoto lens, but I need to setup my fire-wire on this PC to capture it first before I could upload it.  More stiff to add to my “to-do” list. But hey, it is spring now. Starting tomorrow, the day will look brighter!

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