Film Crew in Fort Langley

On my way to the Post Office there were people and film and set equipment everywhere. The sure signs of a film being shot there. I guess becuase of the rain, which happens from time to time here in Fort Langley, they were waiting it out when I walked by.

According to my sources, which are unconfirmed, this film is called, ” The Dibbuk Box.” This area that they were at today was along the corner of Mary Avenue and Church Street, in Fort Langley, where it appears to be a car crash scene, of the aftermath of one, along Church Street.

I also know for sure that tomorrow (Tuesday march 22, 2011) they are shutting down Glover Road by the Sushi Restaurant for a major film-shooting of a car crash scene there. I have a Notice of Filming for that here with me. I can say that this is for “The Dibbuk Box,” according to that news letter.

It seems like a while since we had a film crew working in Fort Langley. I thought it had more to do with the economy, but according to my friend, who works in the business, it is more to do with the season and weather than anything else. Still, I am sort of happy to see them back. They do not bother me, and it is kind of exciting to see them here. I have met some very famous people over the years do to the filming here in town.

The above photo is the actual carnage on the street. There is a basket ball along the side of the road by the white picket fence, so I am assuming that this was a scene that involved a child getting hit by a passing car while chasing that ball. Everyone is standing around becuase of the rain.

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