New Trash Can Talk in Fort Langley

Over the last couple of weeks the city workers of Langley Township have been hard at work installing these new trash cans, or bins. They replaced most of the old style cement reinforced ones that looked like regular square bullards, with metal ends, with these more urban style ones. Some of the old ones can still be found though.

What I thought was clever, and could serve a great service, are the bottle holders along the sides that people can put their recyclables on so that others who collect them, can easily get the bottles without having to sift through the garbage. I think this is a more hygienically sound solution than what is available otherwise. The question is, will people actually use them?

I know of one garbage can in town, installed by the township, that has a tamper-proof lid so that people can not get inside it, but I can bear witness that many people have found ways to access it for the bottles.  Sad as it is, it was, according to one person who told me this, designed to deter people from going through the trash cans in Fort Langley. This is after all the battle line between the haves and have nots, as the haves do not want them near, or around, them. And when you see people, like the homeless or poor, rummaging through the public trash cans, it is called an eyesore.

For what it is worth, I like them. They remind of the ones I seen when I was living in Toronto. They look expensive, but they have a good look about them whether the tax payer agrees with it or not. So money well spent. It is something new in Fort Langley.

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