Twitter is Five Years Old

Wow, time flies by when you are having fun. It is hard to believe that Twitter has turned five?

I sort have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon late. Yes, I sort have resisted the micro-blogging idea becuase back then, to me, all of that was just another fad – a Internet sensation, that would fall as fast just as it had lifted off. My friends, or most of them, have embraced it. I embraced it late, just starting my account in June of 2008.

When I first opened my account with Twitter, I sort of just left it, only rarely turning it on to see what was going on with my, then ten followers, and the twenty of whom I followed, friends. So, the only real indication of Twitter activity were the emails that I would get of new people following me, and the one direct message I received. And of course, my tweets were mostly when I posted on my blog, as I had it set up so that whenever post, it would automatically send a  tweet.

I really did not get on the Twitter bandwagon when I took a business communication course while I was an undergrad back in summer of 2010. In that class we were taught about the virtues of social media and networking, and the merits that it has. Once I started Tweeting, I specifically had a mandate of what I wanted from Twitter.

My goal is to follow, track and keep in touch with my friends from university, and beyond. Also, any special interests that might pop up. As I started this goal, I found out that I was also including people, in and around my town, and the general area of where I live. I my account quickly swelled into a hundred followers. So, in less than a year, my Twitter life has really accelerated.

So happy number five Twitter!

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