Super Moon Over Fort Langley: the Video

I almost gave up on this video. I had never had so much trouble with grabbing a video from a digital camera before.

I have a little Samsung mini Digital video camera that I have had for a long time. I think the camera is over six years old now, and just barely works. I think the battery has had it?

Anyway, my problem was first setting up the camera so that it would fit on my new tripod. Then came the three hours of figuring out how to kick-start my firewire or IEEE1394 connection because the camera seems to only want to work with legacy drivers. This is the story of my life. Oh, but it does not stop there. I had to download a whole new set of CODECs for it becuase I never used DV CODECs in so long, my stuff was outdated compared to the latest greatest. Well, the whole process took a long time.

Then there was the task of getting it uploaded to YouTube. For whatever reason, I had to compromise on the shittiest video CODEC I had becuase with my top-of-the-line video drivers, all I could see was video-noise. So that took about two hours to figure out, including the time it took to re-edit it on my Desktop. Just to put things into perspective for you, the raw DV was 1.5GB at about twelve mins long, and the finished product was a crappy MS, AVI file that was less than thirteen MB in size at two mins long.

So here it is on Youtube, the Super Moon from last Sunday, March 20th, 2011 just as the Moon was rising.


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