Preaching Promiscuity Bastard Style

I was visiting a friend of mine of whom I have not seen for a while. This was one of those unannounced visits. I knocked on the door, he invited me in, and he offered me a tea. But before I go further into this event, I will be purposely leaving many details out, and will not name names. In fact, just the very fact that I am writing this out could spell disaster for some people, especially for my friend. But I do not care because I have taken a stance, and if you read the title, it involves a certain level of promiscuity and adultery, and you should understand why I have posted this. But first, the story.

So we sat down in the living room (I am making this part up) and started talking about the latest gossip and how everyone is doing in and around town. About an hour into the visit, my friend suddenly proclaims that I have to leave at 2:00pm. Then he tells me that he is using me as an excuse to tell his wife that he will not be home until late tonight because we are supposedly going to be talking all evening. A certain woman that he met three years before was coming over and they were going out for dinner. He invited her out for dinner!

I was shocked! “What about your wife,” I asked?

He told me not to worry about that. But I could not. Instead I kept hounding him about how wrong this was on so many levels. But he continued on, totally unabated by the terrible act that he was about to commit. At 2:00pm he asked me to leave so that he could get ready and they would meet. So I left.

This got me thinking while I was walking home from his place about how we are monogamist creatures, and that our social structure is totally based on this idea. I really had a hard time putting this into perspective. But then my mind focused on purl marriage. That popped into my head as I remembered my studies in social law, looking at the Mormons in Bountiful, British Columbia as a case study, and the current legal challenges that are going on there. These are people, the Mormons, are fighting a legal battle in Canada to have the right to have purl marriages as they claim it is part of there social order. But this argument does not hold water to my friend’s dilemma as his wife did not enter into this agreement to be shared, or share with, another woman.

I am still numb as I cannot believe that a man could throw his marriage out just to search the green grass on the other side of the river?

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