Election Fever and Soap Scum

Just like the fine folks over at CBC News World said they would, the Government of Canada had a vote of non-confidence, and it fell, springing us into an election. I was prepared, and we all cannot say we did not see it coming with all the news reporting going on about it, so the shock of having an election was nonexistent. I think the news television programs, and reporters in those news programs, really spoiled it for us. That was a joke, by the way.

Do I want an election?

My short answer is yes, I really do want an election. No, I have not been drinking or consuming something that I should not have been taking; I am level headed. I really think we need one. I am on board with the idea that we either get a majority government, or get some change happening over there in Ottawa because what is going one is not working.

People call this stable and we are on the right track?

These people are either living up on cloud nine, and have not had their pay cheques cut off, or reduced, or they are a stone cold corporate recipient of the 2008 bailout of our hard earned tax money. I am having a hard time swallowing this fiscal management thing when I see Fighter Jets and Prisons not being properly tallied up on the balance sheet. Government owes it to its people how much we are on the hook for. Damn it, I want to know!

OK, now to be honest, I really do not want an election. I live in British Columbia, and this year we are going to be inundated with elections from all three levels of government, including the 2011 census this year. I know I will be going through election fatigue soon. I can see myself wanting to run over all the election lawn signs as I drive by them. My poor PVR will be going though mechanical failure after using the fast forward, and commercial delete buttons, so often. (Yes, my PVR has a commercial delete button!) I heard that one party alone has taken out something like 3000 commercial spots on various stations? I wonder who that could be! That is 3000 political attack ads folks! 3000 of them!

Now on to soap scum. I do not know what they are putting in our water here in Fort Langley, but I cannot get this white film off from my bath tub. I have being noticing it over the last few months, and it seems to be getting worse. I can only describe as being something like a calcium white powdery, film, type scum that is always there after each use. It is weird stuff, and really hard to get off my bathtub and shower bottom. I really noticed it when I redid my hot water tank. About five cups full of the stuff came out. I am just wondering just how healthy this drinking water really is? I have not noticed any difference in taste, so maybe it is natural. Heh, watch next week, as I piss out a one centimetre diameter kidney stone!

I have tried some industrial strength solvents, along with some natural solutions like vinegar and baking soda, but I can only minimise the effect. I think I might try filtering my water from the main-line going into my home. My neighbour told me that is what he is doing. He has the same problem, but not to the same degree that I have gotten. Either way it means spending more money protecting myself from some potential harm from these utilities.

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