Pouring Honey on My Toes

This weekend has been quiet. Only one visitor, a friend from in town who needed some help with his laptop. But, other then that, it has been mostly getting some spring chores done and preparing for the regular week to come.

Last night I had a really good sleep. This is where the honey on my toes part comes in. It was so good that I slept way passed my normal get-up time. But the dream that I remember was incredible. So, just a warning before I go into the details, there is no erotic parts to the story. Sorry ladies. When I did awake from my eight hours slumber, I was so shocked, yet so invigorated, that I felt like a zombie walking walking around the house before I snapped back into normal time and space.

The Dream

Remembering dreams is tricky for me because they seem like they went on forever, but I quickly forget them, and I can only recall the last bits and pieces of them. Even as I type this out, I am starting to forget some of the parts and what order they came in, so without further ado, the dream sequence.

Oh yes, before I forget, I just remembered what caused this dream. I was watching the Japanese Teen-flick, Battle Royal, 2000. For those who have not seen it, it was a huge teen flick for many of my friends who I studied with in University, so naturally I watched it with them. It was a rite of passage for many of these students at the time. Still is, as far as I know? Now I am showing my age here.

OK, the dream started like this. I am buried in branches inside a shallow pit that was dug to hide in. Beside me were about five other students who were all trying to keep as quiet as we could as the campus police marched around us with their flashlights and taser-sticks. I remembered being scared beyond belief. In the far distance were other students who were being forced into metal shipping containers, and their screams only stopped when the sounds of electric shocks started. We were on the edge of a forest and a gravel compound. The open area was littered with shoes, jackets, books and student’s book-bags. There were search lights scanning the forest, and every once in a while we would have to duck as a beam of light would point right at us. In my hands was a laptop bag. I noticed others had weapons and other survival devices on them, and one person in particular had a band-aid wrapped around his head, and he carried what looked like to be a large radio device.

In a flash, we are all running. I now remember that we were trying to head for the forest. As soon as I leaped out from the branches, I could hear arrows shooting past my ears. I ran as hard as I could, through the trees and over the small bushes, and around me I could hear the moaning and breathing from the students as they ran. Then another volley of arrows. I seen a large boulder, so I dived over top of it, and arrows shattered into the trees in front of me. As I hit the ground, I heard the screams from one of the girls. She was hit with an arrow. One of the guys tried to reach for her, to pull her behind the boulder where we were, but he got shot in the arm with an arrow, and he retreated back. Then the sounds of machine gun fire boomed in my ears and flashes of light lit up the trees around as another student in our group stood up and she started firing in the direction from where the arrows came from. Then it was silent.

We started moving again, fearful that the advancing campus police were moving in. I could see ahead of us a clearing. There were some dimly lit widows, and in the twilight I could see the silhouettes of people moving on top of the roof of the structure. They were yelling at us, waving like mad, coaxing us to move towards them as fast as we could. My body ached. My fingers were cut and scraped and I could feel a sharp pain in my right leg. Then two of the group members started running towards the building ahead of me, and I reluctantly followed gasping for air as the bag I was carrying flapped up against my back. Then my heart stopped as the swooshing sound of an arrow shooting passed my ear hit the trunk of the tree in front of me. I felt its feathers touch my ear, and I instantly fell to the ground. I crawled towards a log on the ground and hid behind it, then started crawling again towards the building never letting my belly leave the Earth.

After a few negotiations around rocks and logs, I made it to a hedgerow that followed a cobblestone road. Once I got through the bushes onto the road I could clearly see the doorway of the building and hear the voices from inside. I felt the warmth from the students in our group as they huddled beside me as one by one they caught up. We were smiling. The building seemed to be our safe house. In a split second leap I was across the road and darted for the doorway.

The door was open. All I had to do was push it, and it creaked open. Then I felt the warm air and the smell of food swoop down around me. The others caught up, and one by one we crouched down and entered through the doorway. The building was an old warehouse. There were sections of the roof that had been damaged from neglect and weapons fire. There were a couple of hanging light bulbs glowing in the distant, illuminating just enough to see the space inside. Junk cluttered the space leaving pathways of open floor to walk through like a maze. Midway inside were some stairs leading up to a cube shaped enclosure that joined another section of the main building along the ceiling. We headed for that, still crouched down at the ready for any sign of danger. Then we slowly climbed the stairway, one by one, until we reached the platform at the top level. The door was closed, so one of the girls knocked three times. The light shining along the bottom door jam turned out. Then slowly the door opened, and a whisper said, “Whose there”?

“We are.” said one of the girls from our group.

“OK, come on in, but careful.” the voice inside said.

We entered the room. Once through the door I was overwhelmed with the smell of food. It was pizza. The lights turned on, there in front of me were several platters of homemade pizza. The smell was incredible. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust when I realized that there were other people in the room too. We were standing inside a kitchen, and the students that were occupying it were making pizza. This was their base of operation. Then the lights went blurry, and everything went black.

I came too laying on a bed with bandages wrapped around my hand and leg. I had passed out. The sharp pain in my leg was an arrow that had hit it and the tip had stuck inside. At the foot of the bed was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had to have been a student too. She was wrapping more cloth over top of my wounds. I tried to say something, but I could not speak. She smiled, and grabbed some honey that was in a cup from the small table.

“This will help keep the infection away,” she said.

Then I could feel the honey drip over my leg. She would pour a bit, then rubbed it onto the cloth, and pour some more, repeating this. She kept on applying the honey for a while until I could feel the honey drip onto my toes. Then I woke up.

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