Attack Ad that is Actually Funny

First off, what am I doing promoting another attack ad, especially when I am so against them, and the whole concept that they represent? Well, I have a soft spot for humour, especially knowing that humour is also a tool for attacking someone, it is a change from the norm. It does rain differently than those that use negative style attacks, whoever. Added to this, I rarely use the term political ads anymore because of the way this tool is used.

Another reason that I am posting this ad is that this has nothing to do with the Federal election. Here in British Columbia we also have Provincial elections coming up soon, along with municipal, a referendum question on the HST, and the census too. For the rest of the country, you will be spared from these extra distractions. This ad is about the newly appointed Premier of BC, Christy Clark, taken from the opposition’s point of view.


We of BC can say that we will be suffering from election fatigue more so than the rest of the country!

I first seen this from one of my Twitter friends who posted a link to it last week. When I seen this, I was viewer number 68, but since then it has taken off. Over nine thousand, if I can recall. I never laughed so hard that whole day. I am still chuckling now because it was so unexpected amongst the Federal attack ads. Enjoy.

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