The Fort Trail Tail

Now that spring is underway, I have being upping my hiking time, going to the old ferry terminal and the Fort to Fort Trail more often. I chose to walk the Fort to Fort Trail because there was plenty of daylight, few people on it, and I really enjoy that part of the river. As my luck would have it, there was a reason why there were few people on it – bad weather. Bad luck instead.

We have been under a severe weather warning for most of the day with rain fall amounts of over 50mm. Last night it was crazy with how hard it rained. I was awakened from the noise of the rain hitting my roof around 3:00am, it was that bad.

This afternoon it calmed down enough that the ground was starting to dry up. But as soon as I gotten about one kilometre into the hike, the rain started. I had to turn back because I took my camera with me. Had I not had the camera with me, I would have kept going.

Anyway, here are some photos from that hike. I started taking the photos at the IGA parking lot, and old site from where the building stood before the January 2011 fire, and then crossed the tracks at Glover Road, and onwards on the Trail. Enjoy the photos.

Oh, I also put all of them in my photo gallery, the link is over to the right under “Pages.” Check it out.

IGA Parking lot, and old IGA building site looking towards Glover Road.

Above: The historic Fort Langley, BC train station.

Glover Road, the bridge that connects McMillan Island and Former Albion Ferry Terminal to Fort Langley, BC – Looking East.

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