The Month End Report

It is always sad to see the end of something and become cautious heading into something else. Normally I would agree to this, but March 2011 has not been one of those periods. In fact, The month, and most all of the beginning of the year, has been very disappointing. It is really tough to break down all of the positive accounts from the bad ones, and lump them all into one nice little paragraph. Mind you, there are a couple of very positive outcomes, but they are only in contrast to the gloom of the general state of the Canadian economy and preceding nauseating effects of the glacial speed recovery. I can understand why everyone is so reclusive and withdrawing; when even citizens are practising austerity measures of their own to fight bankruptcy, nothing moves fast.

I have met many people who have given up, yet will not admit it. They are the ones of whom worry me. Which is funny when I hear marketing experts and business people talk about how we all must diversify, these are same tards that forget that thirty percent of the population is in, or near retirement. This translates into a very large chunk of our population that is living on fixed incomes. For the young and budding business person, exploiting any segment of the market that has potential is fair game, but whine and complain when our elders do not nibble at their marketing. Yet, for other reasons, our seniors are responding to the attention, but not in the way that marketers want. Seniors are craving attention, and seek companionship, no matter how little, or from what source, but talking to someone, interacting, bonding, this is a human condition. So they spend money to seek that attention. To meet with a person who is eating Chinese noodles, cabbage, and wieners, once a day for seven days straight, and they will not admit it, scares the shit out of me. These seniors are in a self made prison in the sense that they have very little interaction and contact with stimulating people. This is why they will have a sales person come into their house and sell them a Seven Hundred dollar vacuum cleaner to fulfil that need.

I have started taking up hiking, and I will slowly get back into running again once I have achieved a better level of fitness. Baby steps. But yes, time to rid myself of the “spare-tire” that is wrapped around me.  I have started the Fort to Fort Trail and then I will start on some of the other trails once I get familiar with them. Today’s run was great. I have hope yet! I power-walked the whole trail, 8 km in total. The weather was perfect and there was lots of other joggers too, so this could be a good very good change for me.

On a side note, I seen my first sighting of a woodpecker. He was chewing up the top of the hydro-pole at the end of my block. How this bird does not get a headache is beyond me?

Well, it is late. I want to type on, but I must get sleep. Tomorrow is April Fools day.  I must be on guard as I know many pranksters!

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