April Fools Day – Boring

I was going to write something clever about April Fools day, and when I started it on my laptop, I forgot to upload it here as a draft, so that I could continue it here on my main PC. So, now, rather than making the effort of going and getting my laptop, and then upload it, and then finishing the editing of that document, I would just throw this together and call it a night.

Just a couple of pranks to talk about. I had a salt-shaker incident. Picked up the shaker, aimed it over my food, and there it dumped. OK, it was funny. Ha ha. Next was an email that a friend sent me that said that one of the girls from my former work wanted to ask me out for a date. I saw through that one, right off. There is a huge back story about that office and some of the people who work in there, but that is for another day. I have standards. But, other than those two jokes, the day was normal as can be.

Saw some good ones from the media. Yay, they were not as funny as some of the past years that I remember. I guess it is tough to come up with new material?

I refrained from practising pranksterism. I have moral standards. I really was not in the mood for thinking up clever schemes to play on unsuspecting friends. But now that I think about it, I should have?

Awe, but it is no longer April fools day any more. (I’m writing this on April 2, if you didn’t know, and are wondering). So I would no longer have April Fools immunity for pulling off pranks as my time has lapsed.

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