This was not the Monday I Wanted, so…

I woke up to a phone call this morning only to find that it was a wrong number. OK, no big deal, but it was at 6:30am. After that I could not get back to sleep. When I almost dozed off, my neighbour behind me had car problems, so I decided to get up, get dressed, and went out to help him. His vehicle was in bad mechanical shape, so I drove him to work. It was the good Samaritan in me. How many people you know would do that for you, at 7:00am?

When I got home, half hour later, there was over ten emails in my box, but nothing worth me dropping
everything and start running. In fact, the people who were suppose to send me information never did. I contacted them, only to find that they were behind their schedules, and ask if I would wait a few more days. I forgot that the world is in no hurry to move forward as, everywhere, everyone is running a tight ship with the recession and economic fragility implanted in our brains.

But that does not stop the solicitors. I live in a park that has banned solicitors, but sometimes some sneak in under the radar. I had one guy who was trying to sell a subscription to one of the news papers, and he would not go away. I literally closed the door in his face after I said no at least three times. I know he was trying to do the hard-sell, but shit, no one here has disposable income to spend on that kind of nonsense.

Anyway, the day is only half over, so lots can happen. What I really want is for this rain to stop. It has gone on, none stop, for over a day now, and the temperature has really dropped, though not below freezing. I am thankful that we are not shovelling it.

Now, on to other thoughts…

The thing that has made this election more bearable for me, than those of the past, is the use of social networking, like Twitter and Facebook. Focusing on Twitter, I can really see how how prolific people’s opinions are on it. I mean, in the past you had to rely on commercial media outlets to guide your thoughts and it is they who bring the important issues to your attention. Well, that has changed, and probably for the best too. Take for example this little slogan that I ran across on my Twitter feed: “You wouldn’t let your grandparents choose who you date, then why let them choose your government! Your choice. Your Vote May 2nd, 2011. for more information go to” The slogan is a double take on the state of our society. First, the older generations vote while the youth do so very little. This is probably the reason why Canada has had this trend of one minority government after another; the older voters are looking for security, as one possibility, so they shift to political right hoping to save their fixed incomes. This leave the black hole from the youth who simply do not vote. The 24 to 36 year old age group seems to have a very low voter turnout. Secondly, because the youth represent a smaller demographic they seem to have a stronger scene of apathy when it come to voting believing that their vote means nothing. Hopefully the slogan works?

I like it when people who are pro Conservatives, or Cons as I call them, tell me one liners like, “it’s where the rubber meets the road,” and “we need a strong economy, not destroy it…” So, some smart person on my Tweeter feed posted this little graph that in my mind speaks for it self. The clever part to this graph is that it clearly shows just how big the national debt, and how it coincides with the change in government from 2006 onwards. This leaves me with the question of why, from a government that claims that it is here to balance the budget, lower our taxes, and maintain our national infrastructure has put Canadians into a almost 60 billion dollar hole?

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