Let Me Pass Toll Bunny!

While I was doing my evening walk/jog along the Fort to Fort trail from Fort Langley, I came across a little pumpernickel sized bunny who would not move from off of the trail as I approached him. He stood his ground, and would look up at me only for a bit, then proceeded munching on the grass until I moved in closer. He even let me get within 2 metres of him before he would flick his ears back and prepared for a run into the bushes.

I was thinking to myself that this could be one of those “Toll Bunnies” like from Monty Python, when the travellers who could not answer the question correctly would be attacked by the little fury bunny and would come to their death. I also thought that the rabbit could be an escapee who was a former domesticated animal from the one of the farms near by?

Finally after taking several photographs of him, I started walking passed him. At first the little bunny just kept eating the grass, nibbling away, until it made a mad dash for the bushes when I was less than a metre from him.

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