Alone to be Alone is to be with Yourself is Cool

I have to give credit to my Twitter friend, JENNIQUA, who is a former Kwantlen Polytechnic University student, that tweeted this You Tube video called ‘How To Be Alone.” For those of you who do not like poetry, or are not into the spoken and visual arts, perhaps this will enlighten you, as it did for me.

I think concept of being alone is a scary one for most people that I know of, myself included. And as the words from this video so eloquently are put, sometimes that is exactly what we are looking for in spite of our feelings and needs of wanting to not be alone. I know there are times when I so desperately want to be alone, being with someone seems to be what I really wanted anyway. So, perhaps the search for companionship is in turn not the answer, but what we are really asking for is to be alone.

As the poem states, there are different degrees of being alone. I like the park-bench idea of being alone, yet you are among people, strangers, randomly sitting beside you, and you have let go of any control of who sits there. That, I think, is cool, yet so socially unacceptable, but deep down that is what we want. Then there is not admitting that you are alone, embracing it, living with it, because that is were there is peace in the world. Those few moments where we are alone would then seem to be the time that we are most alive.

Enjoy the video! Thanks JEN!


ADDED April 13 2011: If you want to read the poem instead of watching the video, or would like to have the words, then here is the link to Tanya Davies’ website. Tanya Davis, How to be Alone.  And her website:

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