The White House

Every once in a while you just got to poke fun where fun needs to be poked, and jump on those little useless things that pop up from time to time in life that are completely funny. This evening while I was walking back from the gas station in town to grab a cell-phone top-up card, I saw this sign of a merchant who runs a business here in the little white house, called, wait for it, the “Little White House.”

I have a lot of twitter friends who are Americans, and once in a while we have conversations about the differences between our two countries. We text a lot about spelling, weather, and the economy. And once in while, we get into the dark differences, such as laws, politics and opinions. All good, and very productive, as I learn so much from my friends in the South. So as I passed the Little White House along Glover Road going back home, I decided to snap a few photos of the sign just to post it on Twitter and say that we have a White House too. Though ours is not as popular and big, it is still the White House.

I actually got a Tweet from the business, the “Little White House,” here in Fort Langley, BC, and they are now following me on Twitter. But for my American friends, they thought it was quite funny and commented me back saying that it is good to have a White House up North too.

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