Those were the Days, circa 2001

With all this free time I have lately, I have being sorting out my huge, and ever growing, collection of images. Five digital cameras later, and fifty DVDs loaded with images from them, my collection was getting out of hand. When I wanted an image that I remembered taking from about five years ago, it took two days of searching through the possible disks until I eventually found it, only to be disappointed that the image was not quite what I wanted. So I have spent the last week, off and on, archiving my library of images.

While I was going through them, one disk, my July 2001 disk caught my attention becuase that was when I started taking a large numbers of images from around town.  Up until then I was that opportunist photographer who carried a camera around, but I only took a shots when I thought it was going to be a good one. Since then, I am the random shooter, with a rule that if there is the possibility of a good shot, then so be it. That is the beauty of digital cameras – no such thing a wastefulness – just delete them if they suck.

OK, the two images that I choose today from way back in 2001 are as follows:

The above image was taken in Abbotstford, BC, looking down into Glenn Valley at the Fraser River where the Albion Ferry crossing used to be. Where the river forks, that is McMillian Island, and to the Left of that is Fort Langley, BC. This photo was a mistake becuase of the Sun and the way it reflected through the lens. As a rule, I never throw away any image. Really!

Fort Langley, BC, circa 2001. Obviously the Bank has changed hands, and the Pizza and Fish & Chips joint look different today, but surprisingly the buildings themselves have not changed that much. Now there are planted trees and cute lamp-posts along the sidewalks, but basically everything still looks the same.

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