The Spring in My Step

What a week. Between the weather being unusually cooler than normal and some more maintenance issues that only money, or spare parts can fix, the week was pretty hum-drum. I think the high point was the Tuesday run out on the trail.

Running on a busy hiking trail has its ups and down. The high point is that you meet people, fellow joggers, who share the same passion as you do. The bad side is that you are bound to run into one of them – like have contact with them, and fall down and go “boom,” as my baby sister would say. I will probably never give up the evening runs unless I physically cannot do them anymore, so the odd run-in will not discourage me from doing it.

Contact hiking is something that I do not recommend. My incident was with a person who was riding on a mountain bike. So, it was not really a hiking accident, but a collision with a biker. She got me pretty good in the shin. The impact was enough to knock me off my feet and push me into the bushes, but there was no real damage. The rider of the bike was probably more shook up than I was about it. I could not get mad at her because she was beating herself up hard. I just asked her to slow down.

Since the collision, I see her every now and then, and she says hi. So, perhaps a friendship was forged out of it. She is one of those people that really does not need to exercise, but she does anyways. In fact, I look forward in seeing her on the trial, as a friend.

I am starting to meet more and more hikers too, besides the run-in. It is like that secret code of the road, the wave of the hand, and eye contact. I was at the Post Office on Thursday and I met one of my fellow hikers, and I got that same look and the slight hand wave, as if I was out on the trail. Too funny. I am part of another community now.

As we head into spring season, so does the problems of home maintenance spring upwards. I had another plumbing issue where I found a leak in my bathroom. Water had been leaking for sometime, albeit a very slow leak, but enough to cause the onset of wood-rot.  My next bout of home happiness was my kitchen ceiling fan making some weird noises, noises that I never knew a ceiling fan could ever make. That little fix was $59.95. I am afraid to look in the crawl-space to see what lurks down there?

Well, off to bed. Another week is about to start, so lets see what joys of goodness are going to happen then?

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