Post Number 2000

I almost forgot that this is post number 2000 here at! I was just about to add some other prepared texts when I checked the counter on my dashboard, and it indicated I was at post number 1999. I was watching for this a number of days ago, but you know how things go when your mind in running a million things through it?

Just to mention some other stats too: this website is now almost Ten years old, and this blog is just over the Seven year mark. I have had over 4000 none-spam comments posted and over 7000 links in this time.

The blog part of the website had changed numerous times with very simple stick themes up to some very complex themes that made the site look like a ad board off the Trans-Canada Highway. Now I try to keep it both ad free and simple. When I started, WordPress had just branched off from B2, I think it was called, and became what it is today. I have being a faithful WordPress user ever since. I also support a number of other items on my website too, but this blog is the main and most active part of my usage on the website.

So happy 2000th post! Yay!

Same image as above, but from a different view, and with a more funkier surface colour. This now reminded me of Ice-Cream, Vanilla with Chocolate swirls in it. Mmmmm

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