At the End of April

Another month gone by, and hopefully the next one, May, the weather will start warming up outside. It has been so cold so far for spring, and I am getting sick of it. I will not miss April. I will not miss the days full of rain, and those days when the nights dipped below the freezing mark. I just want April to be a distant memory by tomorrow morning.

I know, this year is the La Niña winter and spring effect, according to the US weather observation web site. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that so far, as this season, it has been bitter cool one so far. Along with the rain and super cloudy days, I am just hating it. I am sort of hoping that it will at least start to warm up enough so that the days are sunny, and not overcast all of the time really soon. I really do not mind if the summer is cool, as the super hot summer suck too, but this has to start quickly, or I am going to go back into hibernation!

On Monday, Election day, I have an interview with a very sought after employer. I will be doing the interview first thing in the morning, so Tomorrow I will be going to bed unusually early so that I can start Monday around 5:00am. I want to be fully awake for that interview.

Not only am I to have the interview, but there is going to be some testing too right after. Apparently, a lot of Canadian businesses are following the American’s lead into this. I guess they figure it works – weeding out the undesirables and looking for that perfect fit. Sure? And there is of course a drug test, and criminal background check also.

I wonder if they have a political aptitude test too? You know, weed out Communists and Liberals?

So fingers crossed, and I am putting on all of my lucky charms. I really want to work there!

I am liking the new/latest Ubuntu look and feel. I like the new Desktop that Ubuntu 11.04 has come out with, it looks really sharp and well organized. It is taking some time to get used to, but so far everything is looking great. My PC seems to be running a little bit smoother with the new setup.

Of course, no new upgrade can come without the calls and emails from my friends who are finding some of the new changes a little hard to cope with. I was prepared this time. I am now sending out links for the all How-To website that I can find. Most of the changes on the Desktop are cosmetic, so it is just a matter of finding what you are looking because the icons have changed. This is a major change to the Desktop so I have already received about ten emails asking where everything is.

I think Ubuntu has gone with the Unity Desktop theme because is looks more like the Smart Phone face than anything else. I think more and more people are loading Ubuntu onto their touch pads and phones. Yes, apparently you can do that. Plus, I know most people now have really wide monitors, so having the icons along the side now makes sense. Navigation is a little hard to get used to, but once you get the feel, it works just as well as the carrot-stick menu bar did.

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