It’s May It’s May It’s May!

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted with beams of Sunshine shinning through my window blinds. When I drew open those binds and pulled back my curtains, I was hit with a blast of light so warm and bright that I could not see. I stood there for a moment and absorbed the energy. I felt like a plant.

So much change. Sun shinning so early now, and just seeing it like this, is just too much! We have been so deprived of sunny days like this, my skin is like a ghost’s.

Yes, I know, the weather predictions say rain starting tomorrow, lasting for the rest of the week, so I will take as many moments as I can to maximise my time with the Sun.

2 Thoughts on “It’s May It’s May It’s May!

  1. I am the same way, so pale from winter. It’s been a beautiful weekend in Chicago too – so glad May is here 😀

  2. It WAS a nice day today. Got a new hose-reel, my wife spent time setting up the new garden space and we both enjoyed watching our little one have fun in the sunshine.

    Nice day!

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