It’s Over! Yay – Election 2011

I am sure happy all of this is over now. The results were nothing short of surprising. For myself, I am stunned on so many levels. Sure, the Conservatives get their majority government that they so gleefully cried for coming into this election, but to have the New Democrats as the official opposition? We are talking a Cow with holes in it! It think tonight many choices were made by the Canadian public, and results speak very clearly for themselves. I see it as “out with the old, in with the new.”

Now whether you agree with it, or not, as I am sure many are unhappy, or shouting hysteria with glee, tomorrow our country will have changed. Canadians have asked for this, Canadians will finally get what they deserve. With a majority government, change will effortlessly take place unlike the case with two consecutive minority governments of the past. We have forty-eight months to test this new machine out and see if it can deliver all those promises that were made during this election.


I will update this graphic tomorrow once the final numbers are in. For now the Conservatives have a clear lead, and a clear majority government, with the cut-off of 155 seats for that majority in Ottawa. This graphic has been updated on May 3rd, 2011. It appears that these are the final results from the election.

Congratulation to Stephen Harper as Prime Minister, with a majority government, and Jack Layton, who is now the leader of the official opposition, a first in Canadian history!

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