Voted! Saoked but Feel Good.

Since the time I left this morning, and up until I got home and started typing this post out, it has rained relentlessly. I mean, I am not talking about that light kind of drizzle, but the onslaught of what we get from those fall and winter type weather systems called the Pineapple Express. This is ridiculous.

I decided to walk to the Polling station, since after all it is only less than four blocks away. That was my first mistake. I thought the weather was going to let up for a bit, or just enough to make the round trip without suffering from the soaker. That was a dumb move. I think every step closer I got to the voting both, the harder it rained. Once inside, I was soaked!

When I got to the elections site, I presented my card and some identification, and then received my ballet. When I opened my ballet to see who the choices were, I saw a new party on it that I never seen before on the elections programs. “Pirate Party”? What the hell! Why the hell have I not heard about these guys before-here in this riding?

Who ever did the public relations for the Pirate Party really should have sat down and thought about it more clearly. I heard nothing about them in this riding. It would have been nice to know who all the candidates are. I had long since decided whom I wanted to vote for, having gone through the election platforms and analysed each prospective candidate for their merits and political statements.

On the way home, the rain kept up, never leaving my side. It has been several hours since I got home, and the sound of that constant wash of rain drops hitting my roof is now permanently fixed in the background. I do not even notice it now unless I move from one room to other.

Oh, and about the “WET” image. I made that using Inkscape 0.48.1, which is free and open source. Wonderful vector graphics program. I use it a lot!

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