One Frog Octive Up

I was walking home this evening from a friend’s place when I heard the sound of a thousand croaking frogs singing away in the night. This means another sign of spring, and the warming of the forest near by my home. They were loud.

I’m not sure if they are mating, or it’s just “a time of year” thing for them, but they were all going at it, it seemed croaking away, all in unison. And they did this singing last fall before the freezing took hold too. So they must be telling their buddies, “hey I’m over here, don’t for get me!”

Be well frogs! But please don’t keep me up at nights.

ADDED: May 4, 2001. The frog does not look “creepy” OK, R.B.. I like it, and it’s my BLOG, so I posted it. I wish you would post you opinions here, I let most of them go through my SPAM filters.

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