Dominion of the Dandelion

The lawn mower just did a cut about two days ago, and just as it does every year without fail, (and a another sure sign of spring), the dandelions return, always seemingly having an edge up on the rest of the plant kingdom. Dominion of the Dandelion might as well be the curse the average lawn in British Columbia right now. They are beautiful, but if you want lawn grass to grow, they are one of your worst nightmares!

How can you fight such a resilient plant?

I just did a quick search online to look at what other bits of information is out there, and low-and-behold I am not the only one out there who has a love hate relationship with these bad boys. Sadly, as I found out, chemical companies have being trying to develop the perfect cocktail of ingredients that would eradicate them without taking the rest of the plaint world with them. So far, no mixture has been found by the chemical companies that is completely been effective yet. Right now Taraxacum, aka the Dandelion, will rule every lawn as far as my eyes can see this season.

The plant even has a list of  medical properties too! ..and you can eat it too?

And of course, Dandelions can live anywhere. Here is a shot of a few of the boys moving into a neighbourhood, taking over.

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