The Results of my Tsunami Poll

I just added up my data from the March 2011 poll I posted regarding the feelings that people had towards the readiness of British Columbia, and by people in general, about a possible disaster such as the Japanese tsunami earlier this year. I know for myself, I live in the possible tidal zone that could swallow up my home if a tsunami swept up our coast. Not surprisingly, all of you who took my poll felt that no matter where we stand today, we are screwed if such a disaster occurred here along our coast as it did in Japan.

Here is the question that I asked:

Do you think that the West coast of British Columbia is ready for the next “Big Earthquake,” in light of what happened in Japan? Could Vancouver cope with a disaster of that magnitude?


Clearly, with one hundred percent of you in agreement, we are not ready for a disaster of this type. I guess if we feel this way about the Government, and any NGO that is responsible for taking care of us, then it is of the utmost importance that we also prepare for ourselves.

I really wonder just how many people have emergency kits at the ready if, right now, a huge mega earthquake ripped through your city right now! And how long would your survival kit need to last?

3 Thoughts on “The Results of my Tsunami Poll

  1. Already been working on it… at this point we can last 7 days…

    Is that enough? Living in Langley probably, but not definitively so I’ve got some more planning to do.

  2. Sadly, so many aren’t.

    Just imagine – You could be supporting your entire neighbourhood once they run out of food and water.

  3. Uh.. ya… no. 😐

    I could be supporting an entire neighbourhood, but I wouldn’t.

    Unless they made me their sovereign of course! 😉

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