More Inkscape Drawing Time

This morning I had some (precious) time to myself where I could let go and dive into some art programs that I love using. I clicked on Inkscape and a way I went.

This image started out as a blob that I was originally going to make some widgets with for a website, but then it transformed into a woman, wearing a dress, sitting. After tweaking the woman and making her sit as if she meditating, I thought afterwards of adding/making her playing a harp. The harp looked way too tacky, so I upgraded the instrument to an old-English guitar, and added more details on her arms. In Inkscape, this was too easy.

From start to finished, what you see now, it took 2hrs:34mm:12scs according to my desktop log.

The leaves I made from a single layer, and then just clumped them by combining that same pattern into clumps of different colours and more patterns, and then scaling the odd layer to add depth. The grass was the same way, but I should have spent more time on them.

My starting point was her face, followed by her hair, then everything progressed from there, completing her dress, then the guitar, arms, and background last. In vector graphics, becuase a single element is a layer, ending with the background is very possible, and easy with little or no editing.

Yes, I do plan on continuing with this image. I made the original size over 2000px x 5000px, and becuase it is vector, It can be scaled effortlessly, and I want to add upwards of 2000 elements to it. I would like to see some major detail don to it.

Inkscape is, of course, a free, open source program that is cross platform. This means that you are free to download it and use it with all rights and privileges, and it will work no matter what OS you have. You can get it here:

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