Mother’s Day and Beyond

It has been a good morning, a good start to the day because I finally talked to Mom after doubting that I would connect with her over Skype. It was nice to talk to her. We talked for just under an hour. We started making preparations for my graduation ceremony that is coming up in less than a month. So many details, so little money and time to work with, but we will make this happen. It is still four weeks away.

Preparations for the ceremonies are coming up very soon. My (probable) last  association with Kwantlen Polytechnic University will occur then. Once that event is over, then I may never set foot on the campus again as I venture out into the world, but who knows. If the money holds up, I may be able to share the graduation with as many people as I can. I am also prepared to let it go too if it starts to cost too much.

My mother is doing really well. I think health wise, she is doing very good. She is living very good too as she is still working, and drawing on her pension, at the same time now. I am so happy for her. If it were not for the extra money coming in, I am sure life would be tough.

So the plan is to keep the original plan (of my graduation) going in motion and hope that work, government and nature does not wreck any of it. We will be doing this on a tight budget and tight time line.

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