The Weird Feeling: It is Great

It was a weird day, a day that I should have been angry about because nothing worked out right, but I am not feeling bad about it for some strange reason. In fact, right now, I am feeling pretty good, it is a natural high. When everything is changing faster than I can comprehend it, I should be curling up onto a ball from stress of chaos, but I am not. What a weird feeling, but it is great.

The day started out with a plan. I had a number of errands to run, and a drive into Surrey, BC for some Banking with some Banksers, and a ton of paperwork that needed to be taken care of as the clock was running out on them. The day was scheduled to be a very busy one for me. I had it all planned out in such a way that I would utilize my time and resources to the maximum. Living like this on a very tight budget, just the simple little things, like shaving a few kilometres off during a trip, is a must.

On the drive out to Surrey, when I got to Scott Road and Nordell Way—the Banks location, the Bank teller told me that the client’s chequing account was no longer with their branch. Their account moved into Barnaby, BC, another twenty kilometres West, further away from my original course. This meant throwing more fuel than I anticipated. I was lucky that I carried some extra money for the trip.

Finally reaching the Bank out in Burnaby, I had to wait in a line-up that was ten deep and took almost forty-five minutes before it was my turn. When I got to the counter, the teller told me that the cheque I had must be cashed out in the Langley branch, that they would not cash it there. I was mortified, but kept cool. I must be tempered now dealing with such backwards institutions who keep trying to sell me services that I cannot afford, and service that are substandard—in my humble opinion. But I politely left and drove all the way back into Langley, BC. Round trip was sixty-four kilometres, and fuel I did not have.

When I got to the Langley branch, it was empty. I walked right up to a teller who greeted me with a huge smile and she took the cheque, and before I knew it, I had the cash in hand. The other very wired part of my day, was the teller never charged me a  service fee for cashing the cheque? Although I drove all over Hell’s  half acre for the right Bank, at least the N.S. Bank has really reasonable chequing rates!

When I got home I had to deal with some paperwork with Revenue Canada, the lovely Income tax people.  Actually, I cannot complain about them too much because they did send me out all the forms and booklets that I requested so that I could file everything myself without having to fork out money for a lawyer and an accountant. Normally, under so much pressure, I probably would have stressed right out into a class ten anxiety attack, but for some reason I was as cool as a cucumber. In fact, I was whistling away while I was typing out the forms, which you can do on-line now!  Everything is now sent off for their people out in Ottawa, Ontario to process and file.

Then there are my friends, the people who I hold dearly to my heart. One of them told me that he was willing to hire me, to get me through this slow period, he would get me to work on his website and keep it up and running while he expands his business. Then another offer came from a friend who runs a small trucking outfit, and he has some servers that he uses for the company email system. He asked if I could update and fix all the little problems that he is having with it and get it back to normal. So win-win! Of course these are promises, but knowing that friends are helping out too—is—priceless!

At the close of today were my friends from University. I had a really good Twitter session with some of them, and that ended the day just right. It is so nice to hear that at least some of my friends are doing really well out there.

So what a weird feeling? It feels great!

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