ANGRY BIRDS by Pomplamoose

I was just watching CBC News about two hours ago when their entertainment segment came on and they said that a music band had just released a cover song of the Angry Birds theme sound track. The name of that band is Pomplamoose (French for Grapefruit) who are a very well known You Tube band that does mostly cover songs. I was shocked, excited, in awe!

I know both Angry Birds and the band Pomplamoose very well, and I was surprised that they would be united together, especially seeing this on Canadian national television! Of course, in my humble opinion, they did a great job.

Musicians Jack Conte (mostly instruments) and Natalie Dawn Knutsen (lead vocalist) mixes their their music using a process that records both the video and audio together as a total mix (Wikipedia). The results are very amazing. They have become very popular, and using their talents and self marketing, they seem to be doing very well for themselves.

Please note that the spelling is lightly off from the French Canadian spelling of the word Grapefruit in their title.

Je vous présente le pamplemousse!



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