Trapping Light on Dark days

It is so dark, damp and cool out that I can see my breath, and it’s late afternoon, I have my lights on inside all day, and the air smells like water. It has being drizzling out, non stop, all day. Sometimes it rains harder for about twenty minutes, but it never completely stops. Although the temperature is hovering around the ten degree Celsius mark, I could easily mistake today as being one of March’s days in the late winter season. I guess this unusually cool season has no given up its grip on us yet.

So I stayed indoors for most of the day.

I wrote some replies to emails that have been piling up. I love the, one question email with thirty points mushed into one phrase, request. Those emails really make me laugh some days. And people ask why it took so long for me to give them answer back. Well, “think about it,” I tell them, “you really asked me thirty questions.”

Then I spent some time too working on my papers that I am going to submit as part of my honours for the upcoming term in September. I figure that I might as well focus on that, grab it while I still can, and then add it to my arsenal of letters to my alphabet soup of degrees. (I like saying that).

I rendered this PovRay 3D art image I made a while ago because it reminded me of days like today. So dark and cold outside, when it is supposed to be bright and warm. Well, the word is, this Friday is our upcoming Sun filled day. So looking forward to it!

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