Personal News Summary

I am just posting to let you all know that I am going to make a fairly large post tomorrow, begin that it will be Friday the Thirteenth, and of course the end of the week. I know there were a couple of you that I promised I would post today about some special topics, but I feel lazy today, so I will procrastinate until tomorrow.

Just some small tit-bits:

I have started a new part time job today. I will release more details about that very soon. Multiple employers is getting confusing, not to mention scary.

The graduation ceremony is set for June 9th, 2011. That will go ahead as planned.

It appears that I will not be going into a legal battle with the Harper Government Revenue Service after all. They have finally squared their accounting blunder and seen their errors. Another Canadian citizen spared with the wrath of bureaucratic incompetence.

The world is changing, as it should, for the better. I see very positive change coming! I am excited about that.


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