So, Friday the 13th Eh?

If you are superstitious, then today should have been a red-letter day. But, it was far from being a day when bad things should have occurred, or when everything should have went wrong, the opposite practically happened. The day went incredibly smooth, and was extremely productive. Yes, I was very tired when I got home, but I felt good about it.

There is something to be said about working, even if it is far from what one needs for a comfortable lifestyle. The mind is at ease when you are working. It is pure physiological. You have a goal, a purpose, and there is interaction with people which no doubt helps the human brain function better. Perhaps there is something to be said for the human need of working in a group, even as most seem to hate it.

So I jumped back into the fray, and from a standing position into a full out run, I went to work. Both Thursday and Friday were very laborious for me. Having to focus hard, remember, then regurgitate that information was stressful and punishing, but it quickly came back to me, like ridding a bike, the old neurons started to fire again. Once I got comfortable with the setup, I was able to start running again. All my previous training and experience quickly moved into action and became a natural reflex.

Maybe here I will say this to all those employers who invited me in for an interview, but never called my back. Sorry people (employers), you lose, and you lost big time. As marketers and businesses gurus might have pinpointed you into believing that the pale, stale, males are obsolete, and the young, strong, hard-bodies are what your company needs, then let me say this to you: Take a look at the cost of loyalty, merit and skills versus the youth curve. If you cannot figure that out, then my only statement to you is, “how did you start running a business in today’s economy”? Survival of the fittest—and you are going to lose my friend.

Diversifying is a very old concept. In Canada we do it all the time. Throughout my life, shifts in income have always been the main stay of economic stability. My latest stint has taken me into new uncharted waters, and because of the niche market that I am playing, I will never mention it on my blog in order to keep the competition low. Although you need licensing and a huge amount of training, I still want to keep it low keyed because there are fraudsters and the fakes—people who are deviants and cause great harm to the public and I do not want to them multiply. But yes I have started changing both in terms of work and lifestyle.

My new lifestyle will effect many around me. Perhaps the greatest effect will be on the four levels of governments that are around me who need its citizens to feed it so that it can operate and function. They need capital, revenue, and the turn over in treasury bills diverted back onto cash via taxation. In this brave new world, very little cash will be generated and given back to the wheels of government. It is not that I will be hiding cash, no, it is simply that there is less cash to be had in the market economy.

For example, if Microsoft can buy Skype for something like seven billion dollars in cash, then this is proof that the trickle down effect in retarded, and is not a reliable means of theorizing what is suppose to happen in the real world (CBC News May 10, 2011).

So for cash strapped consumers, cash will still be used, as it is the standard for currency, but it will be kept liquid for as long as possible. Things like credit and loans will be the things of the past as the Banks tighten up too. Sure, Banks will always be there, but only for people who do not really need them for money, and as repositories to keep your money safe until litigation. As for the poor, Banks do not want their business–it is not profitable for them. I blame no one particular person or group, but I will say that this is a cascading effect, and I have changed with each on coming wave.

So I will be focusing on doing more with less. And I have a feeling that I am far from being alone. If every other person is doing this, then I can see the market place changing quite rapidly. In to what, I can only guess, but I think this new change is exciting and may change the “super structure” of “power” as we see it today.
What a Friday the Thirteen eh?  I am happy, glad that I have reach some sort of normality, but sad that my younger friends are going to have an even hard time of reaching the riches of economic success then I did. I am tired, and will not post this entry until Saturday. I am just too tired.

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