If I Had a Spaceship

If I had a spaceship, where would I go? What would I do with it?

I have had a fascination with astronomy as far back as I can remember. With intense interest I would look through an old three inch refractor telescope that my father owned, and I would point it at anything in the sky that was bright enough to look at. Back then I had very little understanding of planetary orbits, and huge distances, and why the objects kept moving through the stationary field of view in the eyepiece. I remember looking through the eyepiece as the scope was pointed at the moon and seeing the craters so clear and bright on the moon’s surface.

Since those days of my youth filled ignorance, my knowledge base of physics and astronomy has exponentially leaped forward, and my seeing power has grown too. I remember when I had to calculate the distance of each planet from the Sun, scaling everything down, then measuring each plant’s elliptical orbit to the nearest kilometre, all on a roll of toilet paper to a ratio of 1mm:124^14km. It was fun, but nerve racking as my scale needed two rolls. It was good becuase I was using three-ply paper when everyone else was using single ply rolls.

So, if I had a spaceship, where will I go?

First my ship would have to go super fast. If the Sun was 10cm big, and the Earth was lass than 6mm in diameter at a distance of 3.27m from the Sun, then the nearest star would be just over 2000km away in Calgary. So the need for speed is indeed needed for the trip.

Second, I would need lots of time. Even with a super fast ship, just our galaxy alone has several billion stars in it, so I would need lots of sightseeing time.

Third, lots of friends, and food. Which would mean the ship would be fairly big. Anyone who thinks their Volkswagen would be ideal is not only stupid, but not at all that classy. I would want big, like hotel size, with lots of room and spacious accommodations. With all that time travelling between stars, we would need lots to do, so some recreation rooms are needed to pass the time away.

Once the ship is packed and everyone is aboard, then there is the question of where to go first?

I would start in the local group of stars, our stellar neighbourhood, then working my way further out towards the next groups of stars, somewhere in the vicinity of 6000 light years from Earth. That would probably be all the time I would have in my spaceship.

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