Beautiful “Sunny” Spots in Fort Langley

I was walking back from doing a bread run at the Fort Bakery when I saw how pretty the community building looked in Fort Langley this afternoon. The day was beautiful, as the Sun got a chance to shine through the clouds which have been so dominant this year, and that turned the gloomy grey town into a place of pleasantness and a beehive of activity. Having the Sun shine on through makes that much of a difference around here.

I was up very late last night working on upgrading computers. I did not get home until 2:00 ish am this morning. The full moon last night was just as beautiful as the Sun is today. I knew today was going to be a day to get out as the clouds started moving out late last night. I just wished I did not have to miss most of the morning as I slept. Now, my body is so far out of sync that my sleeping pattern is going to be affected, probably for the rest of the week.

Mayday Parade is this coming weekend! Yay! The weather should be super great, like it is today, so that will make for a great outdoor event. Nothing like watching your town swell up to ten times its normal population for half a day! Yes, I will have my camera, and will be out shooting up a storm. Attack of the shutter bug!

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