Countdown: Fort Langey’s Parade!

With one more day to go before this long weekend ends I thought that I would post to remind everyone about the Fort Langley May Day Parade which starts tomorrow around (11:00pm) festivities start at 9:00am, and runs up until about 3:00pm. I hope you can make it down!

Tips for the parade:

  • Make sure you get into town early. Parking is limited if you want to park your car within a good walking distance to the parade route. The town will shut down for about 5 hours for the parade and street vendors who will be part of the celebrations too will also be on some side streets.
  • Claim your spot early along the parade route. Getting that front row, kerbside spot, makes all the difference for enjoying the parade. Also, it is good that people who do sit along the kerb, sit down, so that those behind can also see the event.
  • Bring a blanket. It is still cool out. Even when the Sun comes out, there is a risk of lots of clouds tomorrow.  Consider an umbrella too if the unthinkable should happen.
  • Bring some snacks and drinks.
  • Charge up your camera(s), and make sure you have lots of memory for it too. Taking pictures of the parade is perhaps a photographer’s dream for public events. Nothing worse than having a dead camera half way through it.
  • Be prepared to do lots of walking afterwards. After the parade there are the May Pole Dances at the main park about 3 blocks from the down town area. This park, by the high school, includes where most of parade floats and museum pieces are located too.
  • Once the parade is under way, the town is shut down. The main roads are blocked except for the side streets, so if you are planning on leaving early, plan your exit route carefully.

The parade is a family event, so bring the whole gang out. It is also advisable not drink alcoholic beverages too, as public drunkenness would wreck it for everyone. There are food and drink tents in various locations around town also, so try those too. Have fun, and take in all the sights!

2 Thoughts on “Countdown: Fort Langey’s Parade!

  1. Hi tom….

    Glad things are going well for you. Part time job, Graduation in June…. Wow!!! (would love to hear more about that Job!?!)
    Anyways, more good news. Dmitry (Big D) has been invited to write his citizenship exam on June 2nd. 15 years of trying to be a Canadian and his day has finely come – well, that’s if he passes the exam, he needs 75% or more 😀 (he will)

  2. Yay for Big D!

    I hope he studies hard. I know he has the beer part down, but there’s more to being a Canadian than beer and hockey, “eh,” like he’s got know geography – Toronto is not a State, and Canada is not the 51st State.

    Good for him – I hope he does well. ICBC really likes him. LOL.

    As for work – I’m full time after the graduation ceremonies. Mother is coming down for that. I think for four days? Fun fun fun.

    Perhaps we could talk on Skype this weekend, and we’ll catch up on all the dirt then?


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