The Fort Langley 2011 Mayday Parade

It was a great event this year. The weather held up, and there were some good participants involved this year with many cool looking floats. I took some amazing photos, and when it was over, I had well over 500 photos. I have included them in my photo gallery which I will link to in this post.

Because of my tight schedule and lack of time, I am a bit behind on all the things I wanted to do on this post. So later on today, and possibly tomorrow, I will be adding more information and photos to this post. Please check back by tomorrow as more information will be added by then.

Above – the Coast Capital Credit (Bank) float. It was one of the best floats, in my opinion, in the parade. Spongebob Squarepants is not in this one.

Above – A young girl beaver wondered off from the Fraser River lodge, no doubt looking for some yummy tree snacks from the local bark mill, but her parents could be out looking for her. She somehow got stuck in the parade as she tries to escape through the crowd. Poor thing. Below – is a bad case of Fort Langley Mad Cow.

Below, is a slide show of the Parade, there are over 200 images so it may take about 10min to view them all this way:

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Here is the link directly to the gallery of the MayDay parade : GALLERY – Mayday Parade 2011


6 Thoughts on “The Fort Langley 2011 Mayday Parade

  1. Great pics, I really enjoyed the gallery! Little kids on the wagons were so cute 🙂

  2. Thanks Eliza!

    I’m glad you had a look.

    I think the kids your are are looking are the little May Queens. Later on, once the parade is finished, they do the May Pole dance with robins tied to a large pole. I only watched the parade this year – so no photos of that.

    Not bad for a little town that doubles its population for an afternoon, eh? About 5,000 may have shown up.


  3. Great photos! I especially liked the Langley Lions float. 😎

  4. Great pic’s. I really like the cow in the middle. I really like the placement the latex glove.

  5. Great pic’s. I really like the cow in the middle. I really like the placement the latex glove1 heheheh

  6. RE: Thanks Sheri, ya the Lion’s float was a good one too.

    RE: Julia, glad you like the photos. You should have been here, it was a fun day. I thought the Cow was funny too. I never noticed the latex glove until after I took the photo because I was too busy laughing at the Mad Cow!

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