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Here we are on a typical BC soggy afternoon in the latter half of May. As usual, if I am not crying about the weather then it is about work, politics, classes, money, sex, drug, rock’n roll, neighbours… et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Not this time! Today I got two emails from my “old” school, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, KPU, regarding information about the upcoming graduation ceremony that I am part of.

I thought there was going to be lots of havoc regarding Canada Post possibly going on strike in the very near future, meaning that students would have no way of receiving their “Tickets” to bring family and friends to view the ceremony with. These tickets were to be given to each student because space is at a premium on campus as we receive our certificates and handshake up on stage in full regalia. Each of us are to received three tickets each, and may ask for more if some become available. But, it appears that the group of people who are in charge of the Kwantlen Convocation have everything under control.

So here is the first email that I received today from KPU:


Due to the possibility of a pending postal strike, your convocation tickets will NOT be mailed.
Please watch for our next email with more information about Convocation, or check out:
We look forward to celebrating with you!

Convocation Team

Here are highlights of the latest changes, and general news, about the graduation ceremonies effecting me.

  • On June 2nd I will  stop in at the Langley Campus to pick up my tickets when the Student Enrollment Services sets up shop for that day only there. Here is the link for those details: Kwantlen Student Enrollment Services.
  • I have to be on campus and in the “Gowning Rooms” by 9:30am on June 8th, 2011. Yes, Tom in a dress, in full public view.
  • The ceremony start time is 11:00am, and may run as long as 2 hours.
  • The graduation ceremony will be webcast on the Internet: Shown on this link, then click, “watch me Graduate Live,” link. There will be a DVD of the ceremony too for a small fee.
  • Here is the graduation roll: See if you can find my name! LOL. Graduation Roll 2011.

I am going to pour over the information again to make sure that I have not left anything out, or discovered that there is some hidden, weird, form, or thing, that I forgot to do, or filled out because it was in the fine print. I hope that they do not ask for anything that costs a lot of money – I am flat broke.

Yay, graduation!

One Thought on “News about My Upcoming Graduation

  1. Oh all those damn details! They can be annoying , but don’t let them drive you to distraction. I’m sure that your graduation day will be awesome! I foresee some problem with a blue dress — yours? lol — but don’t worry, only a tiny problem! It will be a great graduation day for you! 😀

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