Just Plain Old Tired

Wow, trying to adjust to all these new and sudden changes to my daily lifestyle has really started to take a toll on my energy levels. The impact of work, or more precisely, taking transit, has left me with taking cat-naps when ever I get them. It seems no matter how hard and try and sleep, I still cannot force my body to sleep during these new hours, and waking up is like pure torture – brain is up, but body wants to go back to bed. I thought after a couple of day I would just smoothly slide into this new routine, but I do not seem to be no where close to fully adjusting to it.

For the last week I have been in perpetual tired mode. I even laid off on the amount of coffee I drink per day. Yes, coffee! So I guess it is all up to nature and letting my body go through the normal adjusting period.

I have had lots of comments on this too. Several of my co-workers, and friends, have noted how tired I look. I even noticed it whenever I look in the mirror at how tired I look. But feeling it is the worst – I just cannot snap out of it.

My theory is that it all has to do with the weather. The rain, cool temperatures, and lack Sun, must be a contributing factors to my prolonged adjustment problems to jumping back in to a work schedule. I know for the last couple of days I had to turn on my heat in the house becuase the nights started getting very cold. Last morning I thought it was March all over again. Waking up to that, well, was torture added to my misery of having lack of sleep.

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