Running Out of Blocks-3D Art.

Yes, another boring day, as far as not being able to get outside becuase of the rain. So, I found myself playing around with my favourite ProvRay modeller, KPovModeler, used specifically for Linux.  I’ll post the link for Kpov. at the end of this post if you are interested in trying it our on your Linux box.

This render only took about a half-hour to create, then 10 seconds to render, and another few seconds to scale and post. I was going to try and change the camera position, but I started to run out of RAM when I copied up to about 400 blocks. Moving objects around in Kpov started to become an ordeal as my poor computer started to get bogged down. So I just stopped here, and called it finished. RAM is a huge issue when working in 3D–you need lots of it.

OK, the tools I sue for creating this scene with are, PovRay, or course, and Kpovmodeler, which both can be downloaded from either the respecting websites, or from off of the Ubuntu repositories. Kpovmodeler is super easy to use and, with enough practice, you can really create some cool works of art with it.

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