The Test Trip – Ft Langley to Walnut Grove and Back.

Today, not only being the first day of June, but is also the first trip shopping using only BC Transit as my means of transportation. I have to say that it was a resounding success, accept for a minor inconvenience, it rained like crazy on my home, but this could easily be overlooked as not being long term problem. I was really impressed with this. The round trip took 41 minutes from leaving my door to returning back home. This includes the short wait at the bus stop, the actual shopping in Walnut Grove, and riding the bus home and walking to my door at home.

I think for future trips I will take an umbrella with me if it looks even remotely close to raining. Although there are now shelters at each stop that I was at, you really need the coverage while walking from the shopping centre to the bus stop.

My shopping time can stretch out to about 15min giving me plenty of time catching the return trip. Today I did manage to catch the very same bus for the trip home.

Above, at the corner of Walnut Grove Drive and 88 Avenue. The rain was pounding the pavement just as soon as I left the store. I should of had an umbrella with me.

Final thoughts on Translink’s transit system

Since the days when I first used the buses in Fort Langley, BC, the system really, well, sucked, for lack of a better word. It was atrocious and not really worker-class friendly, so it suffered from lack of rider ship as a result. It really served no purpose for me using it to go to work. In fact, back in the 1990s, employers would often say that they are not accessible by transit, which was code for, “we are not interested in you if you are taking transit.” So adopting the vehicle was an necessity.

Today, I have to say that Transklink has at least improved its service to a workable level. The idea of having more trips per day, leaving every half hour during peak hours, has really made the system workable for using it for regular activities during the day. However, its service still needs improvement during the early hours as I still see very few people riding it to work, such as shift workers, who start at hours such as 7:00am to 8:00am.

I also like the idea that your transit ticket is good for 90 minutes. So my round trip cost only $2.50 for the trip! That is cool.

One Thought on “The Test Trip – Ft Langley to Walnut Grove and Back.

  1. I can so relate to your experience here with the bus and shopping. I’ve done this same route a few times. The first time was not that successful as I ended up buying too much at IGA at Thunderbird Village to carry. But as my dad only lives 5 minutes away from that area, he drove me home.

    What I learned after that was that even when buying a modest amount of groceries, if it rains, having an umbrella isn’t always helpful since you do need a hand to carry it! If your grocery bags are really light and/or you can carry them all in one hand, then no problem.

    Otherwise, unless you have 3 hands it can be difficult to carry 2 ‘heavyish’ bags of groceries and actually use an umbrella — unless you’re actually at the bus stop and can set the bags down. But then, they get wet — unless there’s a shelter on the bus stop, but of course then you may as well stand under the shelter too so you wouldn’t need the umbrella! Oh, the details of shopping on the bus. LOL.

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