Less Than a Week Until Grad

Oh, is time ticking away. In less than week to go I will cross the stage to receive my papers and congratulatory handshake, deck out in academic regalia, to be formally welcomed into the world as a graduate in academics. Though not quite at the pinnacle of academia, but a full fledged graduate nonetheless. I have so much to do until then.

Yesterday I was swamped with both work and that huge “to-do” list in lieu of preparations for next Wednesday’s event. I had to brave the rain, or near record rain fall, by bus to get the tickets so that I can invite guests to the graduation/convocation ceremony. I was completely soaked by the time I got home. I smelled so damp, it was sicking. I even thought I was coming down with something after that little ordeal when I got home. I cannot wait until I get my truck back on the road. But anyway, I have the tickets for my friends, and Mom, who will be there to share this moment with me.

To get those tickets, I had to stop off  at Kwantlen Polytechnic University at the Langley Campus. When I went into the admissions offices, I was shocked to find the whole place completed, fully redone, with a brand spanking new look!  Yes, I snapped a few photos. It reminded of a lobby in a convention centre.

When I got home, it started to rain even harder. It was an awful night.

I spent about five hours emailing people. Mostly about the graduation, but I had so many emails from other issues that I finally gave up on the rest and just deleted them. I was getting frustrated. There is so much going on in my life right now, and I was getting frustrated about it all. Oh, do not worry, I only deleted emails that served little purpose and that were not part of my friends and family circles. But I needed sleep.

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