Preparing for Convocation: T minus 96hrs

I spent most of the morning (I’ve posted this at 11:00am) so far preparing for my graduation ceremony which is coming up in less than four days. I have so much to do until then! With my Mother dropping by for four days during the event, and then leaving on the following weekend, cleaning has been the number one chore of the day today. As much as I want to get out and enjoy this wonderful super nice weather we are finally getting here in Fort Langley, I must clean–for the sake of my mother, and for my sanity.

Yes, sanity! How do people do it with so much to do, and the mountain of work that is needed to mobilise everyone into position?

Anyway, I have the tickets, which I picked up on Thursday. I spent a few moments admiring them today. I did not realise how much they really meant to me when I sat down and started looking at them. I am thinking now, the thought of actually graduating is starting to kick in–finally. I wish I could explain the feeling of how much work, time and effort it took to get this far. I know some will know the feeling and experience, as this was a very steep mountain to climb in so many levels.

So here they are, three tickets to see me, on stage, in a dress with a square looking cap, to share this moment for my friends and family.

Well, must go and continue one with my cleaning!

2 Thoughts on “Preparing for Convocation: T minus 96hrs

  1. Congrats once again….I wish I really could be their for you. I feel so bad that I am going to miss out on the only member of the family graduating from university. I am almost in tears that I am so happy. I really want to give you a big hug (YUCK!) and celebrate with you and mom and who ever else is going to be their with you on your big day.

    Dmitry and I will for sure have a drink in your honer and will – gosh darn it- will have some for you on your behalf being that you are not one for the alcholic beverage!

    Funny, I thought that your tickits’ would look like a concert ticket. Or is that the jacket for the tickets that I am looking at in the photo?

  2. Thank you!

    Well, there is a way that you can see the whole convocation live, on the net, if you are able to watch it. It will be televised on WebTV on the Kwantlen Channel. I will post that link very soon. Maybe Dmirty can find a way of recording it?

    Ya, I remember how much you hated “boy germs” too. A cyber huge will do! LOL!

    Them are the real tickets, as they are.

    Don’t worry, I’ll be post lots more in the hours to come.

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