The Butter Cup Effect

Why? Why not. I did it, becuase. It was a cool photo. I took it while taking a break from the riggers of spring cleaning. It seems very rare thee days to have so much Sun, and the temperature so warm, so I snapped a few on my little camera.

I could swear that it was the middle of summer.

Yes, buttercups grow really big in my neck of the woods! LOL

2 Thoughts on “The Butter Cup Effect

  1. Hey Tom. I’m catching up on reading your blog. I’m going to go back and comment on your bus shopping trip post from Fort Langley to Walnut Grove as I’ve done that myself several times, so I can relate. But first I have to say I really love this buttercup photo. It’s great how you captured the different ‘layers’ from the ground up — the flowers and grass, then the fence and trees, and finally the blue sky that really contrasts nicely with the yellow buttercups. Great job! 😀

  2. Oh I forgot to add that I’m glad to see that others in our town are taking time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ — or photograph them, or even just look at them. Yesterday, I went for a short walk and came across some hanging planters of pansies and I think impatiens in the most vibrant, amazing shades of purples and blues, that I had to just stop and stare at them for awhile.

    Then, farther down the street (near the law office) I saw a woman staring up into a large, old maple tree. “Bird’s nest?” I asked. She replied that no, she was just in awe of the tree — the way the branches twisted and turned and just how tall it was. I looked too.

    It’s so easy to walk right by these things absorbed in our thoughts and all the details of our lives, but how great to take just a few minutes to appreciate nature. It’s a mind and spirit refresher — almost like a micro vacation!

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