Mom in the Fort

Since after the Convocation from Wednesday, me and my visiting Mother did some sight seeing around Fort Langley, BC. I have no vehicle right at this moment, so I could not take to her places that I wanted to go, so we did lots of walking and local sight seeing. We went to places I have not gone to in years. Yesterday we did the Fort Langley “Fort” heritage park, and the Fort Langley Farmer’s Museum.  It was amazing how much time went by when we were finished.


Above is a panoramic photos of the Parks Canada Historical Fort Langley.

We first went to the “Fort” where we could see what it was like to live in the 1820, or an re-enactment of life back then. I have to say that Fort Langley has quite the history, and I learned lots of interesting facts that I did not know about our little town up until now. The exhibits and the history of people there were very good and well put together. It was an awesome place to go and be, and very family friendly too!

Above, according to what I have heard from the tourer, is that this building is one of the oldest–still standing building in all of British Columbia circa 1830s 1840s (according to the handout Parks Canada gave me about the Fort). I have to do some more research to check into this, but I can say, the building is built out of the huge cedar planks, so it could have another 200 years before it starts rotting!

Then is was off to the Fort Langley Farmer’s Museum. This was a great place to walk around becuase they have everything form old farming equipment to general every day household times from the 1800s right up to the 60s and 70s.  Most of the times came from donations right here in the town of Fort Langley and the surrounding area.

This one made me laugh. It is a gasoline powered MayTag washing Machine (circa 1940s). Just imagine the excuses you could have with this unit!

“Mom, the washing machine will not start. I think it needs a new spark-plug!”

“Yeah, who forgot to fill up the washing machine… with gas.”

“How come the cloths are not done”? “The washing machine ran out of gas…” LOL

“Don’t over rev the washing machine – it’s not a race car!”

3 Thoughts on “Mom in the Fort

  1. LOL about the gas washing machine excuses! 😆 What is the admission cost for the museum? I haven’t been in years either, but maybe I’ll check it out sometime. (I’m a bit of a museum geek.) 😯

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the MayTage washing machine photo and excuses.

    The Agriculture Museum is about $3.00, plus donation. They are non-profit, and are run by volunteers. We gave them $10.00 for each of us.

    It is a neat place to see our history, not only of old stuff, but items that were owned by the original pioneers right here in the Langleys! For example, a tractor made from old car parts in the 1930s, and plough from the 1890s in Fort Langley.

    It was awesome!

  3. Thanks for the reply and info! I guess the place will be packed on July 1 — Canada Day, this Friday. They must have fireworks etc. ???

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